Zhonghui Kaitian Online Loan Platform Changed name to Jinkedoulicai


"Zhonghui Kaitian Net Loan Platform" will be renamed "Jinkedoulicai" on May 25th, 2015, and the official website domain name will be changed to "www.jkdlc.com". The original domain name is temporarily reserved for jumps.

Jinrong Financial was launched in September 2014. Initially, it was named Zhonghui Kaitian Online Loan Platform, referred to as Zhonghui Kaitian.

This time our platform renamed to Jinkedoulicai. On the one hand, in order is to further shape the brand, make the platform's image more concrete, visible and visible; On the other hand, in order to borrow the concrete image of Jin Hao, investors are better able to understand our financial philosophy and thus improve the level of customer service.

After the website name and domain name are changed, the platform operator, management team, business model, partners, company address and contact information will not be changed, and the investor’s fund security will not be affected. After the website is renamed, the company will continue to improve its business and functions.

Jinkedoulicai adheres to the concept of making people's wealth and health change, and wishes all old and new customers to invest in this happy!


                                                                             Jinkedoulicai Financial Management Department

                                                                                                 May 19, 2015