Beijing Agricultural Investment Shoucheng Microfinance Company


Beijing Agricultural Investment Shoucheng Microfinance Company is approved by the Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau, The Beijing Municipal Agricultural Investment Co., Ltd. carried together with the local private entrepreneur Zheng Shaocheng and other natural person shareholders of Tongzhou 100 million yuan,it is the first small loan company established in Tongzhou District.

After the establishment of the company, we insist on customer service as the center, the “three rural” economy and the financing services for small and medium-sized enterprises as the main markets, and give full play to the advantages of flexible, simple and fast micro loan business. Actively promote small-loan companies that have gathered socialized funds to implement standardized industry operations, lean company management, R&D and promotion of standardized businesses, prudent operation, and seeking for sustainable business development. The management of the company is determined to make the company a well-known enterprise in rural financial services in Tongzhou District and even Beijing Municipality, and make due contributions to the economic growth of Tongzhou District.