Xiamen Business Club


Xiamen Xiamen Business Club is located beside the beautiful Lake Bihu in Xiamen. It is an authentic French cuisine in Xiamen. Xiamen. Xiamen Chief is Louraichi Gregory, who served as a four-year chef at Pan Pacific Hotels. 


In this French restaurant there is a strong personality and there is a stamp of the chef's name on the door, Greg's. The dishes were also created during his years as a hotel chef around the world, blending food styles from all over the world. There are Chinese food, Japanese food, and some elements of Southeast Asian flavor. But the main line is obvious, that is, French cuisine.


The same is true of the restaurant's environmental style. From the inside and outside of the restaurant and the decoration style, it is very French. But looking closer, there are many Chinese elements. Just entering the door, the ceiling was a drastic "Dunhuang fresco", with a flying smile of peace, playing and talking. Close to the bar location there are many Chinese red interspersed in black decorations. Two wooden chairs next to the bar are also built according to the style of ancient China.