President Zhang Guoxiang of Hanhua Financial Holding won the title of "Annual China’s Excellent Inclusive Financier"


On January 8th, 2016, the 2016 Zhongguancun Internet Finance Forum and the 3rd Inclusive Finance Forum hosted by the Zhongguancun Internet Financial Research Institute and CIF30 was held in Beijing. The president and founder of Hanhua Financial Holding, Zhang Guoxiang, was awarded the "Annual China’s Excellent Inclusive Financier of 2015” and his company, Hanhua Financial Holding, was awarded the “Annual China's most Influential Inclusive Financial Services Provider of 2015". 

In 2015, faced with the industry challenges brought by the real economy recession, Hanhua Financial Holding led by Zhang Guoxiang achieved a countertrend growth through a series of innovative means, and comprehensively progressed towards an integrated financial services group. 

Through developing and enriching the financing channels continuously, Hanhua broke the industry ice in 2015, and successively issued the first corporate bond of small-loan guarantee industry and the first small-loan asset securitization product listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange; reached the strategic cooperation intention with PICC Group; signed a series of provincial strategic cooperation agreements with the Shenyang municipal government and the Liaoning Provincial Finance Office, established two funds to help the medium, small and micro-sized enterprises for entrepreneurship and innovation together with Shenyang; and jointly initiated the establishment of property insurance companies with six enterprises so as to step toward the mainstream finance. 

Meanwhile, Hanhua Financial Holding actively breaks through and strides forward the integrated financial platform, prepares to build three new business sectors of capital, leasing and notes, and invests in Shandong Financial Assets Trading Center. Hanhua keeps promoting the Internet financial strategies and has obtained three national Internet loan licenses. Hanhua Cloud Assets Information Service Platform has matched the transaction size of over 5 billion RMBs totally, and the Internet financial layout covered with personal finance, asset matching and Internet insurance is taking shape. 

In the ceremony, Zhang Guoxiang said that under the promotion of a series of central policies, like "Plans of promoting the inclusive finance development (2016-2020)", the inclusive financial development in China has entered into a golden period; the inclusive finance must develop towards the integrated finance, platform finance and ecological finance in the future; the inclusive financial enterprises shall diversify and expand its businesses, create the platform finance and ecological finance, optimize the capital structure, improve the asset quality, and enhance the efficiency of financial services using Internet technology, and at the same time, build a high-level and professional elite team. (Zhou Li, Beijing )