Hanhua Financial Holding acquires Zhongli Insurance, trying to innovate on the insurance services with the inclusive financial thought


On March 8th, Hanhua Financial Holding Co., Ltd. (HKSE:3903) announced that the company recently completed the entire equity acquisition of Zhongli Insurance Sales Co., Ltd. through its subsidiary, the Hanhua Internet Financial Services (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Officials from the company said that this was another important strategic step for Hanhua Financial Holding to include the Internet insurance into the great inclusive financial development strategy after the established medium, small, micro-sized and personal financial services of guarantee, credit, leasing, factoring, capitals, etc.


Some data show that Zhongli Insurance is a national professional insurance sales agency registered in Beijing, with the registered capital of 50 million RMBs, and is one of the few insurance intermediary institutions with both online and offline sales qualifications. Zhongli Insurance has established business cooperation with dozens of property and life insurance companies.


The latest data released by China Insurance Industry Association show that the Internet insurance premium income in 2015 was 222.3 billion RMBs, increased by nearly 69 times than that in 2011, and the ratio of the Internet premium in total premium income increased from 0.2% in 2011 to 9.2% in 2015.


It is known that Hanhua will jointly develop the inclusive insurance services based on the inclusive financial concept with the insurance company relying on its accumulated unique advantages on the inclusive financial field in more than ten years, and solve the difficulties and pain points in the traditional insurance services with the innovative insurance products and service mode, and provide the scenario-based, high-frequency, fragmented mobile insurance services for medium, small and micro-sized enterprises and individuals. In addition, the company also prospectively establishes the Internet insurance technology research and development laboratory together with colleges and universities, making full use of the talent and technology advantages to build the leading Internet insurance service platform in China continuously.


It is reported that Zhongli Insurance will introduce strategic investors and diversified partners by virtue of Hanhua’s capital operation advantages, and develop the organic insurance services with the combination of individuals and families, employees and enterprises, academies and entrepreneurships, health and pension, leisure and entertainment both online and offline.