• Zhonghui Kaitian Cooperates with Listed Top 500 Companies and Harlyn Capital to Become Comprehensive Strategic Partners


    Harlyn Capital’s full name, He Ling Investment Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd., is an investment platform initiated and controlled by Far East Holding Group Co., Ltd. in 2011, It is a professional private equity investment agency focusing on investment and mergers and acquisitions in agriculture, forestry, bio-pharmaceuticals, new energy, consumer goods and other high-growth industries. The company's management team consists of investment experts with high influence in the field of equity investment in China and industry experts with rich industry resources.

  • Licensing to the second wave of privately-owned banks officially started: Chongqing Fumin Bank got approved


    The 21st Century Business Herald reported that Chongqing Fumin Bank had got official approval from the CBRC to establish its private banking business on the afternoon of May 18. It is the first of the 12 privately-owned banks under review to have been licensed. This signals licensing to the second wave of privately-owned banks has officially started.

  • Global economic warming


    In the first half of 2017, the actual growth rate of GDP in China was 6.9%, and the nominal growth rate rose to 11.8%, both of which were higher than last year. The profit of non-financial enterprises was resumed after the decline of the last two years. At the same time, tightened financial regulation has been further established this year, and the restrictions on various shadow banking businesses have increased. The growth rate of M2 has dropped to less than 10% in recent years. Although monetary tightening has restrained some of the financing activities, it does not change the steady growth of the domestic economy as a whole. The price trend is split, the price of industrial products is rising as a whole, and the profit of industrial enterprises is improved greatly. In the aspect of consumer goods, because of the reform of the price formation mechanism of agricultural products, some food prices are facing structural downside pressure, which can inhibit the CPI. The overall economy is growing steadily and inflation pressure is moderate.